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Industry Process Control Instruments manufactures Intelligent instruments, such as   temperature meter,   humidity meter,   multi input scan meter,   frequency meter,   multi-interval programmable meter,   pressure meter,   time accumulator,   flow capacity meter,   length meter,   volt meter,   amp meter,  liquid level meter   bargraphs,   RPM,   counter

IPCI's intelligent PID digital meters are widely used in industry process monitoring, measurement value displaying, and feedback control for process automation. Centered around an advanced microprocessor, the digital meter is compact, very reliable and has high resistance to interference. The wide 85-265VAC power input range makes the meter usable almost everywhere in the world. There are many sizes to meet different needs. The built in self-correction and auto compensation feature will greatly reduce the error caused by temperature variation and the error accumulated with time. An independent watchdog timer is used to self-reset the instrument in the event of unrecoverable errors to ensure the high reliability. The power on self-setup and fuzzy control algorithm eliminate the need for user to enter lots of configuration variables at the start up, which is very useful for beginners and situations where fine turning is not necessary. IPCI also provide Solid State Relays (SSR) or Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCR). This includes voltage and/or power control modules, single or three phase control modules.

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